Monthly Archives: October 2012

Shakespeare – Baroque Brocade Trend

I saw this beautiful mirror that inspired me to make this new cuff. Shakespeare cuff is part of our limited edition collection. The Shakespeare cuff was inspired by the Baroque Brocade shapes, which by the way, they are now a huge trend for 2012/13 seasons. The look mixes the baroque sensibility with its slightly stiff textures and fabrics. It has luxurious touches of gold and metallic that run through the embroidery of the fabrics.

The Shakespeare cuff is all hand-painted in acrylic and embellished with touches of gold, glitter and gray Hematite beads.


Autumn Ale–Fall Inspiration

The minute I saw this image of some tasty beers in a magazine, I wanted to do something with it. The pretty colors, browns, oranges, reds and yellowish tones reminded me of this beautiful season that is fall. Not to mentioned how yummy a pumpkin-flavored autumn brew sounds right now. What can I say, I love beer and I love fall.

Just by looking outside my window I get a beautiful palette of amazing colors and great inspiration…. and this is how this  cuff became our Autumn Ale cuff. This cuff is also embellished with a vintage chain in gold tones and 3 brass links and it is hand painted in gold acrylic.

Mahvelous–Art Deco Inspired

The Art Deco trend takes its inspiration from the ancient Egyptian colors and geometric forms.  I love Art Deco, love the colors, the shapes, the high gloss. It’s glamorous, it’s elegance, it’s modern.

The Mahvelous cuff is my is inspired by this amazing style. This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic with green, black, orange, gold and silver tones; and it is embellished with eight square mosaic tiles in beige and gold tones.


Feline Dion

I will never grow tired of wild animal prints. They will never go out of style in my book. This season they are still coming strong; from clothes to accessories, a hint of zebra or leopard will make your outfit super chic.

Feline Dion is part of our limited collection Full Canvas cuffs. This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and it is embellished with a vintage brooch in emerald and gold tones. The brooch makes one of the eyes of our feline friend…. Raawwrr!!

Limited Edition Collection–Galaxy Trend

Galaxy cuff is part of our NEW limited edition collection. This collection consists of oversize cuffs that make a perfect canvas for some amazing work of artwork. These canvas are all hand painted in acrylic and some embellished with various recycled or repurposed materials.

I will be posting a new cuffs in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Galaxy trend is huge right now. I would usually leave this for sci-fi kids, but when paired with interesting silhouettes and rich textiles, galaxy print is actually kind of awesome. The appeal is understandable, space is both, mysterious and beautiful.

This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and embellished with black crystals . Dome exterior bangle, 8″ circumference and 3″ tall.