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Bella Mosaic-Murano Inspired

Our most recent cuff, The Bella Mosaic was inspired by the colors and history of this beautiful Murano glass bead.

Venice is something else, and it can also be a great destination to buy unique and precious objects. Without doubt, one of these crafts which have survived modernity and time is Murano glass, which is made, according to the ancestral glass-making techniques, in the close-by island with the same name. The industry of the glass has been in the island of Murano since the 13th century.

The peculiarity of Murano glass is that they insert coloring particles in the mix to blow. With these pieces in vibrant colors they make artistic compositions of all types and affordable to everyone: from sumptuous lamps to hang in aristocratic mansions, to small pieces of jewelry.

Bella Mosaic is made out paper, beautiful round Murano glass bead, copper wire embellished with green and blue sea glass and small acrylic beads, mimicking a glass mosaic.






Madame Plume

After a long vacation, I am finally back in action. Full of inspiration and new collected materials, ready to start creating some amazing new pieces. Thanks to Lo Plumas for donating all the leftovers. I really appreciate your support!

This cuff was inspired by the beautiful natural military colors of the feathers. Cam0flash paper details, gold vintage button and a circled mesh bead in black and silver tones—embellished with glitter paint. Madame Plume is the first cuff of our 2013 Vintage Collection.

No animals were harmed.


photo 2