Pieced Up Cuff–Eco-friendly Fish Skin Leather

Super excited to be working with this new material, fish skin leather. Authentic, Genuine Fish Leather, recycled from the skins of fish such as Carp, Perch, Sea Bass and Salmon. The exotic scales make the textures so much fun to work with! Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo, Dior, Nike, Puma – all using Fish Leather in their products. The skins do not smell “fishy”, they smell like all leathers do.

I have some amazing new cuffs in the works coming this summer. Right now, I have this beautiful cuff to show you, Pieced up. This cuff is actually made out of leftover fish skin leather pieces in perfect summer colors in glazed and sueded textures; turquoise green, white, neon pink, lime green, sapphire blue, black and brown. Also copper wire and stone filled bottle charm. All over white paper. Perfect for summer!



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