Monthly Archives: June 2013

All NEW – Fish Skin Leather and Agate Slice Stone cuffs

Super excited to finally have these done. All new this summer, part of my leather collection are these amazing, hand-made, one-of-a-kind, fish leather skin and agate slice stone cuffs.

This exotic, beautiful leather fish hide, is Eco-Friendly, genuine vegetable tanned skin, recycled from the skins of fish such as Carp, Perch, Sea Bass and Salmon. I’m sure some of you have noticed the trend in using Fish Skin’s this season. In fact, famous high end designers are using fish skins in their high end products. The exotic scales make the textures so much fun to work with! The skins do not smell “fishy”, they smell like all leathers do.

Agate is a stone that transmits strength, creativity, protection, and courage onto its owners. It strengthens both physically and mentally. As it applies energy to different counterparts, it qualifies one of its most important attributes, which is to balance yin and yang energy.

I wore one of the cuffs this past weekend and received so many compliments, these pieces are true show stoppers. The colors are super vibrant and they really look amazing.

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