Pink Crushed, Bracelet-Ring Trend

A huge trend this year is the Bracelet-Ring.  They’re not as warm as gloves, but they sure are chic! The “bracelet-ring” is simply a bracelet and a ring, connected by a chain to decorate the back of your hand. This accessory is the perfect new piece.

When it comes to your rings, cuffs and necklaces, bigger is definitely better. The Pink Crushed cuff is part of our Canvas Collection. These cuffs are oversize and they make an excellent canvas for some beautiful artwork.

The inspiration for this cuff came from the new Chanel Spring 2014 Bag collection and their “Gallery” Fashion Show.

Pink Crushed is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and embellished with gold eyelets over burgundy leather, two round cloth beads in vibrant colors dyed from natural elements indigenous to Peru; gold chain connected to gold ring. Dome exterior bangle, 8″ circumference and 3″ tall.

pinkcrushed newshakespeare-wear

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 6.26.50 PM

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