Heavy Metal–Scrap Metal Junk Art

Scrap metals can come from anywhere, for instance, garage, kitchen nuts and bolts, spark plugs, nails and all different kinds of scrap metal. etc.

Do you know that a lot of metal is wasted in the dump? Most of it is recycled while sometimes scrap metal stays there for eons – destined to rust.

What can be done with scrap metal?

Many artist have started using scrap metal to make wonderful things. Stuff that we had not even imagined! From sculptures, to furniture, cars, shoes and much more. No doubt, scrap metal is turning into a choicest medium for the artists all over the world.

Let me introduce you to my scrap metal cuff, The Heavy Metal cuff. This particular cuff is made out of aluminum foil, paper and several recycled metal pieces such as coins, chains, spikes, keys, gold rattles, rhinestones, beads, bolts, steal nuts

If you are in for something unique and wearable art, no doubt the Heavy Metal cuff is for you. This piece of art is something that would definitely turn some heads and make a statement.

heavymetal-wear heavymetal inspiracion

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