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Chic Magnet

Time… definitely not much available these days. I’ve been thinking about this cuff for a while. My latest visit to the Hirshhorn museum was a huge load of inspiration and I’ve finally had some time to release some creativity and visualize some the idea I’ve had stuck in my head.

Lucas Samaras exhibit was definitely the highlight of my visit to Hirschhorn. Chic Magnet cuff was inspired by Samara’s sculptures. This wearable piece of art is made out of gold and silver head pins. Painted with gray acrylic paint.

Chic Magnet cuff is a sculpture for your wrist.

chicmagnet inspiration


Bloody Hell, Wax Dip Cuff

Super dramatic art piece. Only for the eccentric and daring fashion person who is not afraid to make a statement. This cuff is made out of Maker’s Mark whiskey wax dip and paper. It really does give the impression of blood dripping out. Bloody Hell is a one-of-a-kind cuff, made out of heavy duty cardboard tubes. Dare and don’t be scared.



City Lights, Iridescent Cuff

Iridescent fashion still a major street style staple. City lights cuffs is made out of repurposed CDs and DVDs that create an amazing holographic glow. This cuff is also the first one in the heavy duty, cardboard tube collection. Accent with neon, glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint. Major statement piece.



Heavy Metal–Scrap Metal Junk Art

Scrap metals can come from anywhere, for instance, garage, kitchen nuts and bolts, spark plugs, nails and all different kinds of scrap metal. etc.

Do you know that a lot of metal is wasted in the dump? Most of it is recycled while sometimes scrap metal stays there for eons – destined to rust.

What can be done with scrap metal?

Many artist have started using scrap metal to make wonderful things. Stuff that we had not even imagined! From sculptures, to furniture, cars, shoes and much more. No doubt, scrap metal is turning into a choicest medium for the artists all over the world.

Let me introduce you to my scrap metal cuff, The Heavy Metal cuff. This particular cuff is made out of aluminum foil, paper and several recycled metal pieces such as coins, chains, spikes, keys, gold rattles, rhinestones, beads, bolts, steal nuts

If you are in for something unique and wearable art, no doubt the Heavy Metal cuff is for you. This piece of art is something that would definitely turn some heads and make a statement.

heavymetal-wear heavymetal inspiracion

Chic Batik–Tie-Dye 2015 Resort Trend

Tie-dye is among the trend frontrunners this 2015 resort season, with a number of designers showing elevated, eye-catching swirls of the stuff, like Michael Kors, Gucci, Alexander Wang among others.

To get a jump-start on the trend, get this awesome oversized cuff from our Full Canvas Collection.

Chic Batik is part of our limited edition Full Canvas cuffs. These cuffs are oversize and they make an excellent canvas for some beautiful artwork. This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and embellished with a gold vintage chain. Dome exterior bangle, 8.5″ circumference and 3″ tall.

Make a statement and wear art!

chicbatik inspiracion-chicbatik



Urban Cowgirl–NYFW SPRING 2015 Trend–Flowers, Denim and Red

Flowers, feathers and the color red were a huge trend this NYFW Spring 2015. Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Delpozo and Calvin Klein, all used some of these elements in their collections.

Urban Cowgirl is inspired by these Spring 2015 trends. This particular cuff is made out of paper, turquoise faux feathers, gold metal rings, denim, golden chain, tan color leather and small brass beads. Soft but yet a bold fashion statement, this cuff is the perfect addition to your Spring 2015 accessories collection.




inspiracion2 inspiracion


Fresh N’ Juicy, Yummy Watermelon


Nothing says summer time like a juicy watermelon, my inspiration for my new cuff. Fresh n’ Juicy cuff it’s the perfect accessory for this summer season.

This particular cuff is made out of paper, golden mesh, black metal rings, hand painted gold leather and red square tile stone. Inner Diameter – 2.65″, Height: 1.75 ”

All our bracelets have been coated in a sealer for shine and to make it water resistant. However, they are made with paper so we wouldn’t suggest showering or swimming with them on.




NEW, Limited Edition – Clooney, Seyfried Magazine Bag

Magazine Bags, New to EE cuffs.  These Limited Edition bags are super fun and colorful! perfect for this Spring/Summer 2014.

I only made 5 of these clutches and two are already gone. This particular bag is the Clooney, Seyfried Bag, from W and Elle magazines. These bags are all uniquely hand colored and made out of recycled and repurposed materials. Original bag is a vintage satin clutch with silver chain. Clutch measures 10.5″ x 5.5″. Bag features two handmade satin tassels.

These bags are definitely statement pieces, very unique and will make you stand out, be prepare for some “oohs” and “aahs”.

Take advantage of these sale, bag is 20% off from original price!


Technicolor, Fringe Trend Spring 2014

What originally started as an old belt from the 80’s is now a hot accessory for this spring 2014.  Talk about recycled and repurposed!

Inspired by CK collection, there is no doubt fringe is coming strong on 2014.

Technicolor cuff is handmade and one-of-a-kind wooden cuff. This cuff is part of our vintage collection. Technicolor cuff is made out of paper, black hemp rope, recycled multi-color leather strips and bronze grommets.





Tassel and Bustle, NEW to OM collection

Here are some new fun pieces to the OM collection, the tassel edition. These silk tassels are handmade and they make these pieces more fun and unique. All materials are repurposed and vintage finds. Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind.

Send me an email @ if you are interested in purchasing. I only have a few and most of them are going to yoga studios around the area but if you really want one, I can make it happen 🙂



EE cuffs Lookbook LIVE 2013 Party

I have wanted to work on a lookbook for quite some time now so when my friend Ana from Ana in Style offered to help me on this amazing journey it was definitely a LETS DO IT! Without her help and expertise I would have never been able to make suck an amazing project.

A special thanks to my models Lami Park and Emmalyn Diogo for taking time of their busy schedules to be part of this project.

Thank you so much to everyone that came and support us. It was definitely a huge night for EE cuffs. And a special thanks to Fraiche Cupcakery and Ninotch for supporting the event and making the night extra special.

And last but not least thanks to  Luis Caldeira Photography.

Here are some pics and videos of the LIVE 2013 EE cuffs Lookboook party.


Pink Crushed, Bracelet-Ring Trend

A huge trend this year is the Bracelet-Ring.  They’re not as warm as gloves, but they sure are chic! The “bracelet-ring” is simply a bracelet and a ring, connected by a chain to decorate the back of your hand. This accessory is the perfect new piece.

When it comes to your rings, cuffs and necklaces, bigger is definitely better. The Pink Crushed cuff is part of our Canvas Collection. These cuffs are oversize and they make an excellent canvas for some beautiful artwork.

The inspiration for this cuff came from the new Chanel Spring 2014 Bag collection and their “Gallery” Fashion Show.

Pink Crushed is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and embellished with gold eyelets over burgundy leather, two round cloth beads in vibrant colors dyed from natural elements indigenous to Peru; gold chain connected to gold ring. Dome exterior bangle, 8″ circumference and 3″ tall.

pinkcrushed newshakespeare-wear

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 6.26.50 PM

Hardware Punk–Fringe a Key Trend for Spring 2014

Fringe is definitely making a huge comeback this Spring 2014. It’s been called “a Key Trend for SS 2014.” We saw this trend go down the runways of NYFW with designers  like Valentino, Celine  and Altuzarra.

Hardware Punk is a combination of two awesome trends, fringe and chain. This statement piece is the perfect combination of punk, rock and chic. Hardware Punk is made out of paper, cream color vinyl and various sizes of leftover chain.

hardware-trend hardwarepunk


New Urban Jungle NYFW Inspired

I had put my wooden cuffs on hold for a while, but they are back!  I got plenty of Inspiration from NYFW spring 2014. Amazing prints, vibrant colors, tons of basic black and white., the packed crowds. Just everything that this cuff is, Urban Jungle. This cuff is made out paper, stunning half circle,  gold plated Greek pendant; gold chain and two beautiful Peacock feathers. The Urban Jungle cuff is definitely a piece to make a statement. urbanjungle

DC Meet Market, this Saturday!

We’ll be there! come see us for a fun fill day!


Just Added. Fish Leather Collection and Agate Slice

I just added these new cuffs to my leather collection. Beautiful and bright colors organic shapes and textures. True statement pieces!

aqua peacock pinkgold

All NEW – Fish Skin Leather and Agate Slice Stone cuffs

Super excited to finally have these done. All new this summer, part of my leather collection are these amazing, hand-made, one-of-a-kind, fish leather skin and agate slice stone cuffs.

This exotic, beautiful leather fish hide, is Eco-Friendly, genuine vegetable tanned skin, recycled from the skins of fish such as Carp, Perch, Sea Bass and Salmon. I’m sure some of you have noticed the trend in using Fish Skin’s this season. In fact, famous high end designers are using fish skins in their high end products. The exotic scales make the textures so much fun to work with! The skins do not smell “fishy”, they smell like all leathers do.

Agate is a stone that transmits strength, creativity, protection, and courage onto its owners. It strengthens both physically and mentally. As it applies energy to different counterparts, it qualifies one of its most important attributes, which is to balance yin and yang energy.

I wore one of the cuffs this past weekend and received so many compliments, these pieces are true show stoppers. The colors are super vibrant and they really look amazing.

mermaid blackwhite bluedenim greenmoss pinkdenim purplegoldwhite



Pieced Up Cuff–Eco-friendly Fish Skin Leather

Super excited to be working with this new material, fish skin leather. Authentic, Genuine Fish Leather, recycled from the skins of fish such as Carp, Perch, Sea Bass and Salmon. The exotic scales make the textures so much fun to work with! Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo, Dior, Nike, Puma – all using Fish Leather in their products. The skins do not smell “fishy”, they smell like all leathers do.

I have some amazing new cuffs in the works coming this summer. Right now, I have this beautiful cuff to show you, Pieced up. This cuff is actually made out of leftover fish skin leather pieces in perfect summer colors in glazed and sueded textures; turquoise green, white, neon pink, lime green, sapphire blue, black and brown. Also copper wire and stone filled bottle charm. All over white paper. Perfect for summer!



All New Collection, Leather!!

We are adding a new collection to our repertoire. The Leather Collection.

I just recently chopped an old leather skirt and had a few inches of leftover buttery soft leather. I’ve been using some of it on previous collections, but there was really so much left that I thought, why not just have an entire collection of leather cuffs… so here you have it! Trendy Leather Collection is now on EE cuffs.  More designs to come as more leather becomes available.

Get yours while they last, one-of-a-kind!





Brooklyn Girl

New from the Embellished Collection is Brooklyn Girl cuff. Made out of paper in earthy tones hand painted with gold acrylic. Yellow suede string painted in gold and recycled chains in silver, gold and pewter tones. Brooklyn inspired for the effortless rocker chic vibe.



The Morning Walk In Brooklyn