New Under the Sea

Staying very much in trend with spring/summer 2013 color report. Our all new Under the Sea cuff features amazing vibrant tones, in greens and blues. Embellished with gold oval rings and black metal chain. This cuff is made out of paper hand painted with acrylic neon.

Our Under the Sea cuff will sure to brighen your wardrobe.





New from EE cuffs, OM Collection—Yoga inspired bracelets

So happy to introduce our new line of Eco-vintage bracelets. The OM Collection, Yoga inspired bracelets.

Our all new OM Collection is eco-friendly, hadmade, and one-of-a-kind, beaded pieces.

Each bracelet is made using recycled and repurposed materials. Vintage beads and semi-precious stones specifically chosen for their healing qualities. Bracelets feature OM symbol, buddha beads and Hamsa hand charms all in hopes that it will give you a small boost on your everyday quest of enlightenment.

Bracelets are sold individually for $35 or mix and match, 2 for $50, 3 for $70.

Check My Etsy shop, we have plenty of great choices to choose from.






New this spring! Safari Chic

New on our Vintage Collection, Safari Chic cuff. This cuff is made out of paper, super bright purple feathers, metal gold rings, white wax string, burgundy leather and purple triangle shape stone. The Safari Chic cuff is the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.



Bella Mosaic-Murano Inspired

Our most recent cuff, The Bella Mosaic was inspired by the colors and history of this beautiful Murano glass bead.

Venice is something else, and it can also be a great destination to buy unique and precious objects. Without doubt, one of these crafts which have survived modernity and time is Murano glass, which is made, according to the ancestral glass-making techniques, in the close-by island with the same name. The industry of the glass has been in the island of Murano since the 13th century.

The peculiarity of Murano glass is that they insert coloring particles in the mix to blow. With these pieces in vibrant colors they make artistic compositions of all types and affordable to everyone: from sumptuous lamps to hang in aristocratic mansions, to small pieces of jewelry.

Bella Mosaic is made out paper, beautiful round Murano glass bead, copper wire embellished with green and blue sea glass and small acrylic beads, mimicking a glass mosaic.





Madame Plume

After a long vacation, I am finally back in action. Full of inspiration and new collected materials, ready to start creating some amazing new pieces. Thanks to Lo Plumas for donating all the leftovers. I really appreciate your support!

This cuff was inspired by the beautiful natural military colors of the feathers. Cam0flash paper details, gold vintage button and a circled mesh bead in black and silver tones—embellished with glitter paint. Madame Plume is the first cuff of our 2013 Vintage Collection.

No animals were harmed.


photo 2


As seen on 360 Magazine

Super proud and thankful for the recent feature on 360 Magazine, an edgy fashion + lifestyle + culture magazine. Fashion spread, Equilibrium, Beauty in Balance – Directed by Apuje Kalu.


360FM2issuemed-13 360FM2issuemed-15 360FM2issuemed-16 360FM2issuemed-17

Cuffs seen above:

Andes Punk – Rock and Mystic Land Inspired

The Peruvian Andes are often inspiration for many artist. Only recently has Andean fashion become popular and widespread. The colorful and vibrant fabrics that used to only be seen on the local Andes’s residents are now a trend that has become common in cities. Fashion artist and Peruvian native, Mario Testino found inspiration in this Mystic Land bringing some chic cache to his Peru homeland on a resent photo shoot for Vogue UK.

Andes Punk cuff is inspired by punk, rock and the Andes. This particular cuff is made out of paper, silver spike and round studs, hand-painted in neon acrylic, authentic Peruvian fabric and black pleather fringe.



Darkness Queen – Skull Fever

Skulls are a huge trend this season. Way back in the 80’s anything with spikes or skulls were only meant for revel teenagers, well now in 2012 they are chic and fun to wear. Skulls have yet again found their way into our wardrobes. They are everywhere and I’m obsess with them. Once again I’m inspired by McQueen’s clutch collection, this time is the blacks and burgundies that make this Darkness Queen cuff a must have hot fashion accessory. This cuff is edgy and chic.

This particular cuff is made out of paper, burgundy leather, black lace, silver chain, 2 silver skull charms and silver plated acrylic spike charms.

Glitter Jack, McQueen Inspired

I am obsess with Alexander McQueen’s skull clutches. Actually, I am obsess with anything skull, but these particular clutches are stunning. All with skull clasps and unique textural patterns, the detail in each one of the designs make these clutches a true work of art. And that’s how I feel about our cuffs, they are wearable art, one-of-a-kind pieces. This cuff, Glitter Jack, was inspired by McQueen’s Union Jack Skull clutch. This piece adds an edge of drama no matter the ensemble. The Glitter Jack demonstrates that beauty can be found in the unexpected.

This particular cuff is made out of paper, distressed and bleached black denim, two black and crystal skull beads, silver eyelet, black crystal bead, two large rhinestones and gold spikes painted in acrylic, also embellished with gold acrylic paint.

Tuxedo, Black & White Inspiration

A recent conversation about black & white interior decor, had me thinking about making a new cuff in black & white tones. I am a huge fan of black & white, the Tuxedo cuff shows off how a monochrome color palette can be a striking scheme to wear. Beading and glass black stone, inspired by black chandeliers. This Tuxedo cuff is chic, elegant and fun to wear. This cuff is part of our Embellished collection and it is made out of three wooden bangles stacked-up to make one.


Unlocked, Image Inspiration

I came across this image on istockphoto and for some reason it really caught my eye. This keyhole image was the inspiration for our newest cuff in the Vintage collection, Unlocked.

This particular cuff is made out of paper, corrugated cardboard hand painted in acrylic, 8 old key charms in silver, copper and gold tones, copper wire and leather string and a gold and purple vintage brooch.

This one-of-a-kind cuff is unique and vibrant, the rich combination of between purples and metallic colors make the Unlocked cuff a must have this season!

La Madame, Vintage inspired cuff

I love old perfume bottles, this particular one was the inspiration for our new cuff, La Madame. This particular cuff is made out of paper, pewter metallic fabric painted in silver acrylic, stripe accent fabric in blue, green and gray tones, silver beads and silver wire and a glass bead in bluish tones wrapped in silver string.

This cuff is the perfect addition to every outfit.

Day of the Dead Celebration

In celebration of the Day of the Dead, Catrina completes our limited edition Canvas collection.

In most natives cultures, the Calavera Catrina has become a staple and often incorporated into artistic manifestations of the Day of the Dead in November. Unlike the Spaniards, who viewed death as the end of life, the natives viewed it as the continuation of life. Instead of fearing death, they embraced it. To them, life was a dream and only in death did they become truly awake.

Catrina cuff is all hand painted in acrylic and it is embellished with two vintage brooches in black and gold that form part of the eye and authentic native-Peruvian fabrics.

Shakespeare – Baroque Brocade Trend

I saw this beautiful mirror that inspired me to make this new cuff. Shakespeare cuff is part of our limited edition collection. The Shakespeare cuff was inspired by the Baroque Brocade shapes, which by the way, they are now a huge trend for 2012/13 seasons. The look mixes the baroque sensibility with its slightly stiff textures and fabrics. It has luxurious touches of gold and metallic that run through the embroidery of the fabrics.

The Shakespeare cuff is all hand-painted in acrylic and embellished with touches of gold, glitter and gray Hematite beads.

Autumn Ale–Fall Inspiration

The minute I saw this image of some tasty beers in a magazine, I wanted to do something with it. The pretty colors, browns, oranges, reds and yellowish tones reminded me of this beautiful season that is fall. Not to mentioned how yummy a pumpkin-flavored autumn brew sounds right now. What can I say, I love beer and I love fall.

Just by looking outside my window I get a beautiful palette of amazing colors and great inspiration…. and this is how this  cuff became our Autumn Ale cuff. This cuff is also embellished with a vintage chain in gold tones and 3 brass links and it is hand painted in gold acrylic.

Mahvelous–Art Deco Inspired

The Art Deco trend takes its inspiration from the ancient Egyptian colors and geometric forms.  I love Art Deco, love the colors, the shapes, the high gloss. It’s glamorous, it’s elegance, it’s modern.

The Mahvelous cuff is my is inspired by this amazing style. This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic with green, black, orange, gold and silver tones; and it is embellished with eight square mosaic tiles in beige and gold tones.


Feline Dion

I will never grow tired of wild animal prints. They will never go out of style in my book. This season they are still coming strong; from clothes to accessories, a hint of zebra or leopard will make your outfit super chic.

Feline Dion is part of our limited collection Full Canvas cuffs. This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and it is embellished with a vintage brooch in emerald and gold tones. The brooch makes one of the eyes of our feline friend…. Raawwrr!!

Limited Edition Collection–Galaxy Trend

Galaxy cuff is part of our NEW limited edition collection. This collection consists of oversize cuffs that make a perfect canvas for some amazing work of artwork. These canvas are all hand painted in acrylic and some embellished with various recycled or repurposed materials.

I will be posting a new cuffs in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Galaxy trend is huge right now. I would usually leave this for sci-fi kids, but when paired with interesting silhouettes and rich textiles, galaxy print is actually kind of awesome. The appeal is understandable, space is both, mysterious and beautiful.

This particular cuff is made out of paper, hand painted in acrylic and embellished with black crystals . Dome exterior bangle, 8″ circumference and 3″ tall.

Matador-Spring 2013 trend

We are always trying to keep up with today’s fashion trends. Spanish influences and classic colors like tomato red contrasted with white and black were seeing on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Matador cuff has everything this trend is all about. It is Spanish, is red, is black and it is white. You may wear it alone or layered with other gold bangles for the extra something on your arm party.

Some may say I was inspired by someone’s mustache.

Blue Moon and Fall trend report

There was a lot of talking about the”Once in a blue moon” event this past week. All the blue talking inspired me to make a blue cuff. Thanks to my girls who broke my recently purchased spikes necklace, I decided no tot fix it, but instead use it as part of the materials for this cuff, which by the way really turned out pretty amazing.

Often called the “it” color combination of the season it is most definitely all about black and blue. Used on many designers’ runway shows, from Chanel and Marc Jacobs to Stella McCarney

Our Blue Moon cuff is a combination of the hottest colors this season and spikes, another huge trend this year. No doubt, this cuff makes a strong statement.